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tsuquyomi commands do not exist in vim

Vim Fan

Jan 06 2020 at 09:29 GMT

After installing tsuquyomi, its commands do not work. Commands other than TsuStartServer, TsuStatusServer, and TsuStopServer like TsuDefinition or TsuRenameSymbol seem to not exist at all since the vim autocomplete doesn't show them.

Also, if I type <C-]> to navigate to the definition, I get a vim error saying that no tags file was found.

How to fix this?

1 Answer


Jan 06 2020 at 09:49 GMT

Here's how I fixed this.

If you type :filetype in vim, do you get Plugin: ON?

If you get Plugin: OFF, then you need to add filetype plugin on to your .vimrc file.

Now, restart vim and ensure that :filetype outputs Plugin: ON.

All the tsuquyomi commands should now work.

Credits for this solution go to this github comment.

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